Waste Management Consultancy

MAR Recycling Waste ManagementWaste Management is an ever changing area. Not just due to legislative  requirements and compliance, but organisational and evolving industry best practices as well as new market innovations and opportunities.

In line with your company’s objectives and values we can develop your Waste Management Policy, design the best implementation strategy, assist with internal awareness and promotional material, and provide all the necessary waste collection containers both internal and external.

A WMP is a bespoke policy that is unique to your premises, culture and available local market suppliers. We advise on best practices to reduce waste and ensure all waste is disposed of appropriately,  in the safest and most appropriate manner.

We will provide monthly reports detailing total waste and recycling volumes which compliment your ISO14001 environmental requirements.



What we do

  • Collection
  • Transportation
  • Processing
  • Recycling and Disposal
  • Monitoring and Reporting


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