Food Waste

Food Waste 500x352If your company produces food and catering waste you might want to consider how to recycle this.  UK legislation is becoming more stringent; there is building pressure to divert food waste from landfill. This has been coupled with many new food waste initiatives and the evolution of industry best practice. We provide all the information required in order to set up a recycling service and ensure that all food waste is recycled in the most environmentally manor possible. Organic waste comes in two forms:

Mixed food waste from staff kitchens and restaurants might include vegetable peelings, leftover food, and food past its best-before date.  Since it may contain meat or fish, it is best to send your food waste for composting by specialist companies.

Green waste from grounds maintenance activities – grass clippings, weeds and so on. You can choose between composting green waste on your own site, or arranging for it to be collected for composting off site.  Depending on the facilities available in your area, we may be able to offer a full food waste collection and disposal service. We can offer green waste and collection and disposal services in any area.


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